A Family Business

Inspired by the chocolates & patisseries of France and their love and dedication to its art.

Handmade Chococlate
Only best sourced ingredients go into our chocolate

Developing style

After attending chocolate courses and training with some of the best chocolatiers to gain an insight into chocolate making, she decided to try to produce a quality product that reflected her own passion and style for chocolates and her own style of decorating.

Humble beginnings

As a family we have always been inspired by the way patisseries are made and displayed in France. We especially love their chocolate and their dedication to the art of making quality chocolate look and taste the very best in the world.

After spending some time travelling through France in 2007 and visiting many chocolatiers, our daughter Meghan, fresh out of university, decided that she would like to try and emulate the French passion for making some of the best chocolate in the world and so set about training to do just that - make the very best chocolates she could.

CHocoalte as a way of life
Mixing tradition with fresh influences

Brave new world

Our dedication, passion and patience have lead to a blending of fresh, subtle flavours.

Our philosophy

A product that embodies our passion

Developing the passion

We decided the only way to develop this passion was to spend many hours and days practising tempering chocolate and blending flavours to produce the fresh and subtle flavours The Chocolate Kitchen is known for today. Indeed our chocolates are now delivered to many parts of the world including France, Belgium and Italy and further afield to the USA, Australia and New Zealand.


As a business we first made chocolate from our home (Mum’s kitchen!) in 2007 in small but quality batches, while Dad was sent out to test the market for the chocolates we made. This was an invaluable lesson, listening to our customers and what they wanted and expected from our chocolates and the flavours they enjoyed the most.

To market

Based on the edge of Sherwood Forest we found there were lots of farmers’ markets to take our chocolates to and to our delight they sold very well, especially our truffles and personalised discs and plaques. We also established a permanent stall on our local market here in Retford.

In 2009 we moved into a small, newly converted shop in our home town of Retford and although we outgrew that small shop and chocolaterie very quickly, we are still just around the corner on Churchgate in a beautiful three-storey Georgian House with lots of old world charm, it’s a wonderful place to work.

A recipe for change

Over time we have developed lots of delicious products and had the opportunity to take on exciting new projects that have taken us in directions we never expected. When our friends Emily and Tom were planning their wedding a chance conversation about the possibility of a chocolate wedding cake led us to develop our chocolate wedding towers. Their wedding was wonderful, with the cake turning out to be a big hit and we haven’t looked back since! Chocolate wedding and celebration cakes of all shapes and sizes now form a large part of our business.

Meghan & Bob

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